Trillium catesbaei Trillium lancifolium Trillium sessile
Trillium cuneatum Trillium luteum Trillium simile
Trillium decipiens Trillium maculatum Trillium stamineum
Trillium decumbens Trillium pusillum Trillium sulcatum
Trillium erectum Trillium recurvatum Trillium underwoodii
Trillium flexipes Trillium reliquum Trillium undulatum
Trillium grandiflorum Trillium rugelii Trillium vaseyi





Note: Some photographed specimens show obvious hybridization.  Each potential hybrid was placed in the species that seemed to fit best based on the characteristics used to key out Trillium species.  Many of the Trillium rugelii plants from Swain Co., NC have obviously interbred with Trillium vaseyi and/or Trillium erectum.  Also, some of the Trillium simile plants are difficult to distinguish from white-flowered Trillium erectum plants.  You may provide feedback by contacting Brian Finzel at: